Repressionen gegen Anarchist*innen in Russland

Am 14.06. findet in der Ganzen Bäckerei eine Veranstaltung zum Thema Repressionen gegen Anarchist*innen in Russland statt.
Im Folgenden einmal der englische Ankündigungstext und ein Link zu weiterführenden Informationen auf der
deutschsprachigen Blogseite von crimethInc.

„The Network“: repressions against anarchists and antifascists in Russia and fabricated terrorist case
Since October 2017 numerous anti-authoritarian activists in Russia expirienced arrests on terrorist charges.
Many of them were kidnapped by russian state security service called FSB and tortured with electricity and other
methods. After days of tortures, nearly all of them were forced to plead guilty to being part of so-called
„Network“ – mythical organization established to carry out terrorist attacks during upcoming president elections
and FIFA World Cup, and to ovethrow the Putin‘s regime. FSB never stopped: people are still being tortured and kidnapped
on multiple occasions in different cities.

An activist from Russia will talk about unprecedented situation, brutal tortures, possibly the heaviest criminal case
against anarchists in Russia in resent times and possible developments. Come to listen, think and discuss the ways to support
imprisoned comrades. How do we deal with bitter repressions? How do we strike back?

During the event there will be a direct opportunity to financially support ongoing solidarity campaign.

Die Veranstaltung findet am 14.06. um 19.30 in der Ganzen Bäckerei statt.

Bis denne… ;-)